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College Magazine:

Students are given opportunity for self-expression through the college magazine ’Gyansamidha’. Deserving students are appointed as student editors for the English, Hindi , Panjabi, Sanskrit, Science, Economics and News Chronicle sections of the magazine on the basis of a test or nomination done tentatively in the month of September by the Staff Editor concerned in consultation with the Chief Editor. Students are required to submit their articles to their respective Student/ Staff editors by 15th November every year.

Literary & Cultural Activities:

A number of literary and cultural societies are formed in the college. The language societies train the students in the art of speech making by organizing debates , declamations, poetic recitations etc. The various subject societies meet frequently to discuss in a free and frank manner the topics related to their subjects. Eminent scholars are also invited from time to time to deliver talks. The College periodically organizes functions to promote cultural activities and science activities.


Students seeking admission to the college will have to opt for one of the following schemes i.e. NCC/NSS.

National Cadet Corps:

The University has well-equipped contingent of NCC Battalion under the charge of experienced and trained officers of 10 Haryana BN NCC, Kurukshetra. Separate arrangements exist for boys and girls students. Students of this college may join NCC subject to physical fitness. Enrolment forms can be had free of cost from the Officer-in-charge, Students opting NCC may indicate their choice in the admission form.

National Service Scheme:

National Service Scheme was launched in 1969 with the objective of developing the personality and creating social awareness in addition to the class room knowledge of students by involving them in a variety of community service programmes. The participation in NSS would allow to develop the social consciousness of students. It would inculcate in them sense of social commitment and enable them to put to social use the education they receive in class room. The main objective of the National Service Scheme is character building and personality development through selfless service of the community.

Specific Objectives:

1. To work with and among people particularly in villages and slum areas.

2. To channelise students’ energy in peaceful and constructive social activities like Yoga, Blood Donation, Mass Programme of FunctionalLiteracy (MPFL) & Tree plantation by ctive participation.

3. To enhance knowledge about one’s own self and the community.

4. To gain insight in real life through NSS camp.

5. To inculcate abilities to solve the social problems and promote national integration.

6. To gain leadership qualities in democratic manner.

7. To improve one’s personality through interaction, cooperation and sharing of ideas.

Women Cell:

A Women Cell has been established in the college premises, not only to combat the evils of eve-teasing and sexual harassment of the female students but also to encourage their talent and by organizing periodic academic and cultural activities.