Arts Department

The Department of Art affirms the power of art to transform individuals and society. We are committed to the practice, production, critical and historical study of art within a liberal arts education that encourages experimentation and independence of thought. Our faculty offers a rigorous curriculum that crosses disciplines and attracts inquisitive, dedicated students with wide-ranging interests, encouraging creative investigation as an essential skill informed by the highest standards of critical thought. Our diverse faculty, students, and staff are committed to ongoing engagement with communities locally and globally.

Arts Department Faculty

# Name Department Qualification
1 Dr. Yogeshwar Joshi Principal M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., P.G. Diploma in Environment Education
2 Sh. Shish Pal Hindi M.A., M.Phil
3 Dr.(Smt.) Parveen Kumari Sharma Hindi M.A., M.Phil
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Sarita Rai Hindi M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
5 Dr. Nand Kishore Economics M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., P.G.D(P.M. & I.R)
6 Mrs. Suman Devi Economics M.A., M.Phil., P.G.D (Environment Education)
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Rama Sharma Music M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
8 Dr. Suresh Kumar Sanskrit M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.(C.C. in German Language)
9 Dr. Dinesh Sharma English M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., L.L.B., (C.C. in Lingustics)
10 Smt. Shakti Bhardwaj English M.A., M.Phil
11 Mrs. Vasawa Dutt English M.A., M.Phil
12 Sh. Kailash Chand Psychology M.A., M.Phil
13 Sh. Suresh Parashar Psychology M.A., M.Phil., L.L.B.
14 Sh. Randhir Singh Political Science M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
15 Dr. Subhash Chander Political Science M.A.(Pol Science & Pub. Adm.), M.Phil., Ph.D.
16 Dr. Manohar Lal History M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
17 Dr. Yogesh Chander Gautam Philosophy M.A.(God Medalish), Ph.D., L.L.B., C.C in Urdu
18 Sh. Anoop Kaushik Philosophy M.A.(Gold Medalist) M.Phil., M.Ed
19 Sh. Satish Sharma Social Work M.A. in Social Work, NET
20 Dr. Neeraj Vashisth English M.A., Ph.D.
21 Dr. Prashant Sharma English (Temporary) M.A., Ph.D.
22 Mrs. Shobha Sharma History (Temporary) M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed, M.Ed.
23 Manjul Chemistry M.Sc.

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