01. Where can I submit my CV for the job at BPR College?

You can submit your CV on bhagwanparshuramcollegekkr@gmail.com for teaching and non teaching positions.

02. Minimum Qualifications for Academic and Non Academic Position's?

We follow the eligibility criteria laid down by UGC.

03. Shall I get Annual Increment?

Yes, Annual Increment is given every year@ 3% on basic pay (subject to conditions).

04. Leave Entitlement @ BPR College?

Festival Holidays - As notified by the University
Casual Leave - 14 Days in a year
Earned Leave -
- For Non Teaching Staff - 30 days
- For Teaching Staff – 10 days and Vacation leave – 30 Days
Maternity Leave - 90 days on two occasions in entire career

05. Work Environment at College?

Members of the BPR College form a vibrant, diverse, and cohesive community that shares one goal and Excellence.

06. What is the promotion the criteria?

We follow career advancement scheme laid down by UGC for Teaching Positions.

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