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Rules and Regulations

General Rules:
1. The students admitted are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and follow the rules and norms of the College. Those indulging in ragging/ misconduct and indiscipline will be subjected to strict disciplinary action.

2. Use of alcohol, cigarettes is strictly prohibited in the College Campus.


4. Students should not bring or invite any outsiders in the college premises.

5. Every student should carry his/her Identity card on his/her person in the college premises and should be able to produce it on demand. It should be preserved carefully and should not be lost.

6. Disfiguring of the College walls, tempering with college property is strictly prohibited.

7. No unofficial function will be allowed to be held in the college premises.

8. All the legal disputes relating to examinations/admissions of students will be subject to Kurukshetra Courts having jurisdiction in Kurukshetra. If forged /bogus document(s) have been submitted by a candidate, strict legal action will follow.

9. Students are advised to park their vehicles properly in the Vehicle Stand by using proper lock for the safety of their vehicles, and in no case the college will be responsible for any loss/ theft of the vehicle.

Rules for adjustment / Refund of Fee:
1. If a candidate after having deposited fee for admission in one course joins another course in another Institute in the same session, as mentioned below, and is permitted to withdraw his/her candidature, fee/funds except admission fee already deposited by him/her for the course from which he/she has withdrawn , shall be adjusted/refunded against the fee/funds of the course he/she joins subject to the condition that the difference, if any , shall be paid by the candidate, under the following conditions :

(i) From a general course to another general course.
(ii) From a general course to a self course or a vice-versa.
(iii) From a self-financing course to another self-financing course. However, in self-financing courses, adjustment/refund of fee will be allowed only If the seat so vacated is filled by the last date of admission.

2. In case a candidate leaves the college after seeking admission in a particular course, following conditions will apply for refund of fee:

(i). If a candidate leaves before the commencement of the classes, the entire fee deposited by the candidate will be refunded after deducting R1000/- only.
(ii) In case a candidate leaves after commencement of the classes, proportionate deduction of fee up to the month of his/ her leaving will be made, subject to minimum of R1000/-. However, refund will be allowed only if the seat so vacated is filled by the last date of admission.

Library Rules:
1. The Library remains open during the college working hours.

2. Every student admitted to the college is provided with a library-cum-identity card. It is obligatory that the students carry with them the identity card and produce it on demand. Care has to be taken to keep the identity card in safe custody lest it should be lost or mislaid. This identity card is absolutely personal and is not transferable. In the wake of its having been lost, the Principal and the Police must be informed. A duplicate identity card can be issued at normal price with an extra fine.

3. The College library will follow these norms for the issue of books to the students of different classes. B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./M.Com/M.Sc. : 4 books. The books issued can be kept for two weeks. There after a fine of one rupee per book per day is realized from the defaulter. If the due date for the return of book falls on a holiday, the next working day will be treated as the due date. If a student does not return the book even after a week of the due date he may be imposed a special fine. If the necessity arises, the Librarian can have the book recalled even before the due date. A book may be issued for another seven days if it is not in demand from any other member.

4. Reference books are not to be issued. They can be consulted within the library. Text books from the Text section are issued for three days.

5. Magazines and Journals are not issued to students.

6. In case of the loss or damage to a book, the student concerned will have to pay the price of the book as per rules and regulations of the University. If at the time of the issue of a book, the pages of the book are torn or damaged, the student must bring this fact to the notice of the Librarian. If he fails to do so, he/she himself /herself will be held responsible for that. To avoid paying the delay fine, when the book is lost, the Librarian should be apprised of the loss immediately. Books can be borrowed and returned only during fixed hours.

7. Automation of the library is in progress. The Library has been connected to internet.

8. Books in the book bank are issued only once for the entire academic session. Only the needy student can avail themselves of this facility for the issue of which applications will be invited.

9. Students are required to maintain peace in the library.

Discontinuation of Studies:
If a student wants his name to be struck off the college rolls, he/she must make an application to the Principal in this regard. This application must bear the signatures of the father/ guardian of the student. Before a student discontinues his studies in the college, he/she must ensure that he has paid all the college dues, returned all the books borrowed by him/her from the College Library, handed back the dresses issued under the N.C.C. etc. If a student does not follow this procedure for the discontinuation of studies, he/she will continue to be imposed Absentee Fine. In case of discontinuation of studies at any stage, fee will be refunded as per the rules.

College Tours Rules:
1. The students will undertake the tours entirely on their own risk and responsibility and the college will not be held liable wholly or partially in case of any mishap during the tour.

2. The tour programme along with itinerary must be got sanctioned at least ten days before the proposed date of departure from the headquarters. The students are required to deposit their part of the fare with the college before proceeding for the tour.

3. It will be the sole responsibility of the students wishing to proceed on a tour that they arrange their own teacher-in-charge by procuring his/her consent in writing to accompany the contingent. The teacher whose consent is sought to be procured must be working in the college on the regular basis.

4. In case of a mixed contingent consisting of both boys and girls, a lady teacher must accompany the contingent and the consent of such a lady teacher will have to be obtained by the students concerned themselves.

5. Each student must carry with him/her the identity card while going on the tour.

6. A student cannot be granted permission to undertake a trip/tour more than once during an academic session.

7. Any case of misbehaviour or misconduct during the tour as reported by the teacher incharge will be viewed very seriously and a strict disciplinary action will be initiated against the defaulting students leading even to his/her rustication from the college.

8. Only duly approved package tours will be allowed to be undertaken.

9. Tours/excursions will be allowed during vacation. However, short trips to be organized by the subject societies may be planned on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

10. No student is allowed to take any outsider with him/her on the tour.