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Scholarships and Fee Concessions

The students belonging to SC/BC are entitled to scholarships, fee concession provided:

(i) They are desirous of and entitled to the scholarships to be granted under the Government Scheduled Castes Welfare Scheme.

(ii) They apply for the grant of scholarship at the time of admission.


(a ) The students while applying for the scholarship under this head must enclose the income certificate of their father/mother and also a valid certificate mentioning the caste to which they belong, otherwise their application will not be considered .

(b) The proforma for the annual income certificate may be had from the College fee clerk.

(c) In addition to it, they are required to submit Declaration Certificate duly signed by their parents, specimen of which can be had from the dealing assistant.

(d) Those students whose parents happen to be in Government/Semi-Government/Local Bodies employment are required to submit salary certificate indicating total emoluments per month duly signed by the head of the concerned department.

Benefits of fee for SC Candidates of Haryana

There is a Post Matric Scholarship Scheme of GOI for welfare of SC as per letter No.3/44-2012 Sch (2) dated 18.06.2013 of the Director General Higher Education, Haryana, Panchkula. SC students whose parents/guardian income is upto Rs. 2.50 lac per annum are eligible for benefits under the scheme. The benefits include enrollment/registration, tuition, games Union, Library, Magazine, Medical Examination and such other fees compulsorily payable by the student to the institution or University/Board. Refundable deposit like caution money, security deposit are, however, excluded. For students admitted under this scheme the application form has to be submitted by the students to the Principal, BPR College, Kurukshetra.

Note: An income declaration will be furnished by the self-employed parents/guardian of SC candidates, stating definite income from all sources by way of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper. Employed parents/guardian are required to obtain income certificates from their employer and for any additional income from other sources, they would furnish declaration by way of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper.